"..not only does he prepare us for career and athletic projects, Gary teachs us about life."  
 Will Ferrell
"...Gary puts the "Human" back into Human Performance."                                  
                                     Dr. Holden Macrae                           Director of Exercise Science                                      Pepperdine University
" ...I've watched Gary be a Guiding Light to thousands in the area of Integrative Well-Being for the past 20 years."                                                                                     Dr. David Allen                                         Integrative Medicine
"...Gary is one of those key links between you and the way back."
                                           Sam Rose CN MS
                                   Rose Nutrition Center
"...People show up in your life to help guide you in the right direction, Gary holds that special place in our hearts guiding us to remember to set strong yet compassionate boundaries, to honor ourselves first, and reminding us to say
"No" to things that don't serve our path. The results are inspiring.                                                                                   JP & Heather Howell                                        Los Angeles Dodgers
" Looking to Raise the Bar? Desire the Truth?  Call Gary."  
                                                 Mitch Gaylord
                                         Gold, Silver Medal
                          1984 Olympics, Los Angeles 
"Powerful Lessons in Personal Transformation."
                                         David James Elliot
                                   Actor, Writer, Director
"...The Road to Boston, the road to a Personal Best starts with Gary."                                                                                        Dave McGiillivray                      Boston Marathon Race Director
"...Perhaps just once in a lifetime you may meet someone like Gary Kobat. If you have just a brief moment to talk with him, he will inspire you to change your life for the better.
                           Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
                         CEO, Best Ever You Network
                                            Hay House Author
"...He has it so Right.".
                                               Amby Burfoot
                  1968 Winner Boston Marathon
                Editor at Large, Runner's World