Our Daily Bread
by Gary Kobat on February 20th, 2014

Pause for a moment.
Come back home.
Create some space to just be where you're at.

Pausing - this space - it is our food, our daily nourishment. 
If we don't have our daily food, this nourishment,
we're like a withered flower. 

When we let go mentally, we relax physically.

When our mind is tense, however, or anxious, it effects & drains our body day after day.
When we're carried away with fear, we also lose connection with our true self.

Our true self - on an emotional and chemical reaction of "fear" - creates a false
self or new, impatient version of "self" - which drains our life force, energy 
stores & the physiological items that make up our youth & energy.

Have excess stress, anxiety, or worry all the time?

Go ahead, get a blood test. And measure all your energy markers
and you'll see for yourself - drained.

But when we Pause - when we bring our mind back into the present moment,
bring it home into peace with regular practice, we can see clearly and deeply
what brings us suffering and what brings us real happiness.

Where the possibilities are Infinite.

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