Accept It
by Gary Kobat on February 1st, 2014

One of the clearest indicators that we are controlled 
by our past is the use of blaming. 

Those that constantly blame others for the crosses they bear are 
the people who do not feel enough, see themselves as and feel 
like victims, who refuse to take responsibility for their lives - 
reluctant or forget that they have free-will and choice in 
everything they think, feel, say and do - now. 

While someone outside of us may have contributed to 
the cause of our blame or shame, we are responsible 
inside for continuing it. 

We decide on the standards that define our character. 
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that we are a victim. 
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that says we are inadequate.
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that we have no power or responsibility.

Our story must lead to the present.

If it remains stuck in the past, then it is not a living, vibrant,
accurate account of our life now....

"The real story is that we are unlimited beings. The real story is that the world and the Universe are unlimited. We must start telling the story of our amazing lives, because whatever story we tell, light or dark, vibrational energies will make sure we receive it...  and that will be the story of our life."

Let go of the past.
Accept it.

Be here now - where the possibilities are Infinite. 

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