by Gary Kobat on February 26th, 2014

Feeling inadequate, or not enough, unlovable, 
or undeserving is uncomfortable.

But in order to calm this feeling, to not squirm in our seat, make a face, or
tighten up in a knot when it comes up - to really heal, we must
face this feeling of shame and decide, once and for all,
what to do with it.

These feelings are our feelings.

They may have begun when we were powerless,
but we are not powerless now.

We have the power to be harsh on ourselves, but
we do not have to use our power this way.

We can use our power to nurture, nourish, honor and love ourselves,
to gently stretch and grow in a direction that is truly meaningful to us.

Remember, shame thrives in hiding.

But when we can gently, and compassionately acknowledge
our feelings of inadequacy, and still manage to accept
ourselves - healing has begun. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


by Gary Kobat on February 20th, 2014

Pause for a moment.
Come back home.
Create some space to just be where you're at.

Pausing - this space - it is our food, our daily nourishment. 
If we don't have our daily food, this nourishment,
we're like a withered flower. 

When we let go mentally, we relax physically.

When our mind is tense, however, or anxious, it effects & drains our body day after day.
When we're carried away with fear, we also lose connection with our true self.

Our true self - on an emotional and chemical reaction of "fear" - creates a false
self or new, impatient version of "self" - which drains our life force, energy 
stores & the physiological items that make up our youth & energy.

Have excess stress, anxiety, or worry all the time?

Go ahead, get a blood test. And measure all your energy markers
and you'll see for yourself - drained.

But when we Pause - when we bring our mind back into the present moment,
bring it home into peace with regular practice, we can see clearly and deeply
what brings us suffering and what brings us real happiness.

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


by Gary Kobat on February 20th, 2014

"The sport is demanding, the races challenging, the training hard, and living
on the road takes it's toll... but I love it.

Right now I'm completely concentrating on making the nine-man team
for the July 2014 Tour de France. 

If that doesn't happen, I won't be disappointed because at 42 that means
I don't have that level of riding in me anymore - and that would be
easier to take than if I failed to reach my potential.

If you desire any chance at all of succeeding, you have to be all-in,
give it all you have."

- jens voight, professional cyclist.

A quick look into the mind-set of a Pro.

How are you doing on your new year goals? 

If you'd like to hear from one of the best Olympians ever, Gold medalist Mitch Gaylord - 
click here and listen as Elizabeth and I interview Mitch last week on the mind-set of an Olympian - what it takes, how he set goals, how he failed, and how he did it.

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


by Gary Kobat on February 18th, 2014

Are you willing to take a look at that?

Take a look at what?

Take a look at the fact that you may have a chocolate addiction, a coffee 
addiction, an addiction to junk food, TV, alcohol, training, meds or any
other numbing agent that you seem to have an attachment to,
and can't seem to let go of?

We learn, over time that there are two possible behaviors at any given
moment - an intention to honor ourselves or an intention to control.

An intention to love ourselves, or an intention to protect ourselves from a
pain or emptiness with our controlling behaviors, thus not honoring but 
abandoning ourselves.

Let's remember to remember - we have a choice - free will.

When we choose to learn, we are at one with why we are here, expanding, 
connected to our highest best self, our core self, our Divine self.

But when we chose to control, we shut off access to the truth - our mind closes and reprograms, recycles what we already know, past behaviors, recreating old ways,
hurts, and poor results.

The challenge is we have practiced, and mastered avoidance, abandonment, numbing with
the drive-through, our best friend al-cohol, or new friends "hershey or reece's" when
we feel those feelings of anxiety coming up, or when we feel empty, thus we continue
to stay attached, getting poor results.

We must understand that we cannot stop any addiction, any attachment until we feel worthy, willing, ready, and able to look-at and FEEL the feelings under the attachments - 
and take responsibility for them.

When we decide that we are worthy and willing to feel our feelings under those attachments, underneath the addictions, and take responsibility for them, it will be this worthiness, this willingness that opens our heart to be "open to learn" and take us on a higher path of awareness and choice. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


by Gary Kobat on February 13th, 2014

Feelings come from inside of us. Emotions reflect what is happening outside of us.
Our answers for life are always inside.
Feelings are now - the present. Emotions concern the past or the future.
We can only be happy in this moment.

Feelings are the truth. Emotions have nothing to do with reality.
Our core essence is truth, our false self is emotional ego.
Feel peace and we know the feeling is positive energy.
React emotionally and we know that negative energy 
is always the outcome.

Feelings can be trusted. Emotions cannot be trusted. 
If we cannot trust, we live in fear - are fear driven.

Have you regularly been an emotionally reactive person?
Are you willing to take a look at that?

Remember - It is our feelings that tell us what is best.

When we get in touch with what we are feeling - and sit with them -
peace and unconditional love will always be the result. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.